LILEO & Amour Caché: Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin & Your Skivvies

LILEO & Amour Caché: Feeling Comfortable in Your Skin & Your Skivvies

By: Jordan Taylor


At the intersection of beauty and wellness lies a deeper connection that transcends the surface. In this article, we sat down with Sharon Sanchez, founder of LILEO, a natural skincare brand committed to reinventing skincare routines by fostering healthy habits.

Sharon’s journey into the beauty industry was fueled by her passion for holistic wellness and her mission to create products that not only promote healthy skin but also instill confidence and empowerment. This very drive resonated with our own co-founder and designer, Deean. Their shared vision and dedication to empowering women worldwide sparked the idea of a collaboration between LILEO and Amour Cache. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, self-care often takes a back seat. This collaboration aims to change that, reminding you to prioritize yourself. The nourishing benefits of LILEO’s natural skincare products, combined with the intimate elegance of Amour Cache’s lingerie, celebrate the profound connection between feeling good and looking good. Read on to discover why we are captivated by Sharon and LILEO and join us in our invitation to indulge in self-care through skincare and exquisite lingerie.


Amour Caché x LILEO Skincare & Skivvies Article | L'AMOURZINE

Sharon pictured in Amour Caché's The Rhonda Low-Back Bodysuit ($120) using LILEO's 21-Day Kit ($50). Both items available online on pre-sale discounts for a limited time.


JT: Sharon, we’re so excited to have you on L’AMOURZINE to talk about LILEO. So let’s start at the beginning. Tell us, what is LILEO? 

SS: Thank you for having me! At LILEO, we believe in the transformative power of habits. Inspired by the journey one takes when looking to form a new habit, we've crafted a skincare experience that's not just about products – it's about rituals. Our mission is to empower you to cultivate a daily self-care routine that nourishes your skin and uplifts your spirit. We understand that skincare is more than skin deep. It's about the small, intentional choices we make each day that add up to radiant, healthy skin and a vibrant life. 

With our carefully curated range of natural and effective skincare essentials, we invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Whether it's our gentle cleansers that cleanse away the day's impurities, our luxurious moisturizers that hydrate and protect, or our potent serums that target specific skin concerns, each product is thoughtfully formulated to be a catalyst for positive change. And just like building any new habit, consistency is key. That's why we're here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance, encouragement, and the highest quality ingredients nature has to offer.

JT: That’s amazing, forming habits is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine. What first got you interested in creating body and skincare products?

SS: I’ve always been a creative, hands-on person, and being [a makeup artist] in the beauty industry, we’re always mixing foundations to achieve the perfect color and mixing hair colors to get the right tone. It’s a field where everything is entirely customizable. This developed a passion for creating something from scratch. I wanted to create something natural that was not too complex, easy to understand, and, most importantly, something that worked! I started with simple formulas that were foolproof just to see what could be, and it was a hit.


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JT: I want to hear more about you and your mission: aside from self exploration, what sparked your passion for skincare?

SS: I’ve always had a passion for anything beauty, so at an early age I decided that skin, hair, and nails were going to not only be a passion but also a career. I became a cosmetologist and worked in salons, spas and did a lot of traveling doing makeup and hair for weddings, which I still do to this day. Once having experienced the world of beauty I realized that when talking about caring for your skin with my clients they all felt like they didn’t know where to start, how to apply skincare products, or even how to read a skincare label. So I decided that I wanted LILEO to become that safe space where people can look to for answers, ask questions and finally get and understand the results they were looking for. 

JT: That’s a lot of roles to juggle. How do you combine mental and physical well being? How is that exemplified in your brand?

SS: Mental and physical health are two sides of the same coin – they go hand in hand. Our skin is like a reflective mirror showcasing our overall well being. Stress, anxiety and poor health show up in very unexpected ways on our skin. That could be through acne, eczema and even a dull complexion. When we allow these external factors to take control of our routines, we give them power. Power and control over our body. This could be something as simple as forgetting to remove our makeup at night or forgetting to apply moisturizer in the morning. The same way that a good habit can be created in 21 days, a bad one can as well. 


Sharon in Amour Cache's The Rhonda Low Back Thong Bodysuit | Amour Cache Lingerie
LILEO founder, Sharon Sanchez, wearing Amour Caché's The Rhonda Low-Back Bodysuit, our favorite number for an hourglass silhouette.

JT: How would you say mindfulness is incorporated into, and encouraged within, your products?

SS: Incorporating mindfulness into your skincare routine transforms a task into a meditative practice. When using LILEO’s skincare products, we encourage our customers to focus on each step. We want them to pay attention to how their skin and emotions feel and respond to every touch, scent and feel. We’ve developed a 21-day guide that will not only keep them accountable but also remind them to engage with their senses and become present in the moment. 

JT: It sounds like such a fully immersive experience. I love that! Do you have any news/upcoming products or campaigns for the summer season?

SS: We are so excited to launch our “Live, Let Go” campaign. This campaign is very dear to me because not only does it depict the real and the raw side of being in your early twenties, trying to remember what was on your schedule that day but it also shows that there is a brighter side to the hustle and bustle. 

JT: Our brands share a common mission to empower our clientele: how do you feel that empowerment and wellbeing are connected?

SS: The feeling of empowerment enhances your overall health. Empowerment helps reduce stress, boost mental health, foster resilience and even help people navigate through tough situations. 


Sharon in Amour Caché's Julie Mesh T-Shirt Bra in Dark Nude (NoHo) | Amour Caché Lingerie
Sharon in Amour Caché's Julie Mesh T-Shirt Bra in Dark Nude (NoHo).

JT: As women, we are often told that beauty is the pinnacle of our success: how do we challenge these ideals, so that looking good and feeling good become synonymous?

SS: I once read, “To be a force of beauty is to step out of the shadows and into the fullness of who you are.” Since beauty originates from inside, I think a great way that we can challenge the idea that  “beauty is equivalent to success” is by looking at what beauty truly is. Beauty is power and power comes from within, which is why when we feel good, we look good. That feeling naturally radiates and spreads. Success is not about fitting a mold but it’s about feeling authentically good in your own skin. 

JT: I totally agree with that, but I suppose sometimes that’s easier said than done. A woman’s body, for instance, is constantly changing: in both skincare and lingerie. We have to constantly be keeping up as we age. In your opinion, is there a way to get comfortable with how everchanging we are?

SS: Our bodies are always changing, in fact our bodies, mindset and even the way that we view ourselves changes every seven years according to Rudolf Steiner’s seven year cycle. Change is inevitable and life isn’t linear. I believe that a way to become more comfortable with how ever changing we are, whether that is how we look or even how we feel, is to take charge of your life, take charge of your body and embrace the change. I like to look at life as if it was a book. Every chapter has a new story but the one thing that stays consistent is you and the exciting part is that you get to dictate how you want it to go. As corny as this might sound, you’re never too old. Never too old to dance in the rain, to go to the gym, change your eating habits, wear something sexy, or even start a new skincare line. Let every version of you, enjoy life. 

LILEO is proud to announce that their pre-launch is live! Customers can now explore and shop exclusive, early access products ahead of the grand opening of their online store at 

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