What's the Tea on Travel Bras?

By: Deean Yeoh


I was told once that to be a good designer it’s best to travel – to see the world and all the beauty it has to offer – before cherry picking and deciding what you want to create.


Personally, I’ve always found architecture and landscapes to be the most rewarding aspects of traveling. From the vineyards of South Australia to the greens and whites of Thai beaches. Not to mention, the towering (and contrasting) skyscraper-brownstone skyline of Manhattan and picturesque Parisian architectural sculptures against iron cast balconies.


Many of Amour Caché’s pieces were inspired by beauty discovered during travels. For instance, our first collection, Flora & Fauna, was largely inspired by things I learned about beautiful natural occurring events at the Natural History Museum in London.


Over the last few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has made traveling seem like a distant future. But as borders begin to open, the travel bug appears to be more prevalent than ever before; people seem hungry to seek beauty outside of their four walls. As you plan your travel itinerary for the summer months consider what bras you’ll be packing.


In this article, we’ll talk about the best travel bras that are comfortable, lightweight, flattering, multi-functional, and quick drying.


What Makes a Good Travel Bra?


Unless you’re planning on bringing your entire wardrobe with you on a 7-day vacation, you’re likely packing LIGHT. Especially when airlines impose check-in fees, even the most fashionable or fashion girls strive to pack light. Because of this, we would recommend packing lightweight, quick dry bras for travel with pockets.


Versatile Travel Bras (a.k.a Travel Bras with Pockets)


With small baggage, comes big responsibility… to pack versatile clothing – that applies to intimates too! I love having bras that give me choice. There are days where I want to be lightly lined, others where I want to be padded – highly dependent on my neckline of choice for that day. This is where travel bras with pockets come in handy.


A pocketed bra means that you’ll be able to choose your desired level of padding on any given day. Having a travel bra with pockets also means that you’ll be able to go bag-free when traveling. Simply insert your credit card or dolla bills into the discrete pocket of your bra and BAM – hands-free travel all day long.


For highly functional yet beautiful pocketed bras, check out our Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bralette. Made from luxurious Leavers lace and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics (no harmful chemicals), she’ll be your best travel bra companion. Did we mention she’s wireless? This is a bra that folds (or rolls) to a tiny wallet-sized companion.

Julie wears Amour Caché's Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bralette and Hipster Bottoms
Julie wears Amour Caché's Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bralette and Hipster Bottoms. The Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bralette is a versatile bra that has a discrete pocket on the inside which allows for customizable coverage, push-up, and breast forms.

Lightweight Travel Bras


Bras come in a variety of materials, from nylon to spandex to cotton. The most lightweight and breathable bras you’ll find in the market will be made of tulle and mesh. Push-up bras, while sexy, are often padded, heavy, and take up room in your carry on. Instead of a traditional push-up bra, opt for lightweight cut-and-sew bras with side slings. These slings are made of ridged material, which create beautiful push-up while still being lightweight and functional. Our Dani Balconette Bra in shimmery pink tulle is a perfect example of a lightweight push-up travel bra. For bigger busts who want a full coverage, lightweight push-up style, check out the cult classic Clara Bra by Panache or Amour Caché’s Gin Plunge Bra – a light weight version of a t-shirt bra.


Agnes wears Amour Caché's Gin Plunge Lilac Leavers Lace Full Bust Bra and Thong

Agnes wears the Gin Lilac Leavers Lace Full Bust Plunge Bra in 32DD


The Benefits of a Quick Dry Bra for Travel


Trust me, having a quick drying bra for travel will be your key to success. Often when I go on a 7-day vacation, I aim to bring just 3 of my top-shelf versatile bras. Having a quick drying bra for travel means that you’ll be able to wear your bra all day, wash it before bed, and wear it again the following day. Our Ana Longline Bra in cherry blossom lace and tulle is a perfect example of a quick drying travel bra (trust me I’ve tested it)!


Do you have a favorite tried and true travel bra? Let us know in the comments down below.

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