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4 Ways to Style Lingerie This Summer & Fall

By: Deean Yeoh


This Summer, we're serving boldness on a silver platter with tips on how you can style your lingerie for Summer strolls and moon-lit dinner dates. 

We break down each classic bra style and their construction to give you a sense of what pairs best with your personality and preferences, followed by our tips on how to style your lingerie. 


Styling the Longline Bra, Day-to-Night


Longline bras or bralettes make for the perfect addition to the wardrobe that already has it all. These bras come in a multitude of necklines, but all share a common feature of a long bodice. These long bodices tend to have boning in them to provide stability – like a corset. But over time, brands like Amour Caché, have found ways to create longline bras sans boning. This means, you still get the shapely, sexy vibe of a longline, minus the poking and prodding that tends to happen with boning in longline bras.  


This design of bra is great because it works on so many different levels! For those seeking a corset-like bodice, longlines work great under clothing because of the shapely structure and hold they provide. For those seeking something sexy and daring, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Longline bras are amazing “day-to-night” pieces. Style a longline bra with tailored, high-waisted dress pants, a blazer, and heels and you’re dressed for any occasion – perfect for everything from an Insta-worth picnic, to a walk in the park, to a late-night dinner date, and dancing at 1 OAK.  


For a lightly lined, push up longline bra, check out Amour Caché’s Ana and matching lacy high waist bottoms. The bras come in extended sizes: 32-40 band size and A-DDD cup alongside XS-2XL bottoms.   


The Ana Demi Longline Pushup Bra | How to Style Lingerie




The Balconette Bra, a Slinky Tease


We’re firm believers that a balconette bra is a staple item for any closet. While there’s the ittsy-bitsy half cup balconette bra (shelf bra), the most common (and widely loved) balconette bra is, and always will be, the low-cut neckline. These balconette bras are beautiful when paired with everything – from a simple t-shirt, to a slinky, low cut dress (a-la Carrie Bradshaw pre-Mr. Big-heart surgery).  


Sex & The City Carrie and Big | How to Style Lingerie

Photo by: The New York Post


Because of the way the underwired cups are positioned on a balconette bra, they tend to provide the highest level of lift amongst all bras. The style is also ideal for all sizes, as it provides lift for smaller busts, and support for largest busts. Bigger busts might experience a little “bounce” but, in our opinion, a little bounce never killed nobody. 


For larger bust lines who opt for a balconette bra, you might consider balconette bras with wider straps. This will help redistribute some of the weight from your bust to avoid the strap from cutting into your shoulders.  


For a lightly lined, push up balconette bra, check out Amour Caché’s Dani and matching thong bottoms. Our innovative design pairs a balconette style with a side sling support, which creates an extra push up and lift! The shiny pink fabric is super wearable and easy on the eyes too. The bras come in extended sizes: 32-40 band size and A-DDD cup, alongside XS-2XL bottoms.  


The Dani Balconette Pushup Bra | How to Style Lingerie




The Triangle Bra - Tried, Trusted & True


Ahhh the triangle bra. The t-shirt bra of unlined bras, everyone’s best friend, the must-have of all must-haves! We think triangle bras are amazing for a multitude of reasons – not only are they insanely comfortable, but they also provide support, and the option for scoop neck t-shirts.  


Triangle bras come in a couple different options: you have the unlined triangle bra, the wireless triangle bra, and the underwired triangle bra. When choosing which triangle bra works best for your breast shape, we recommend paying attention to the cutting of the triangle bra cup.


Triangle bras can be darted or they can have a vertical seam. Darted cups will conform to the shape of your breast, making it perfect for D cups and bigger and those with athletic, “perkier” shapes. These triangle bras tend to create a very natural look under clothing. Alternatively, you may also find a seam that runs from the bottom of a bra cup all the way to the shoulder strap – these are called vertical seams, and they tend to create lots of lift. Vertical seams are great for B cups and larger because they are designed to lift the breast and will make your boobs look like they sit higher under clothes.


Both options are amazing, and we would suggest having both in your closet to choose from! 


For a lightly lined, triangle bra, check out Amour Caché’s Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bra and matching hipster bottoms. The Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bra has a discrete pocket on the inside of the bra cups, making it the perfect post-mastectomy bra. Did we mention the neckline of this bra is beautifully decorated with the eyes of a tiger – delicately woven into the Leavers Lace? Stunner.   


Our innovative bra is also made of a cooling mesh that makes it particularly comfortable for those who have sensitive scar tissue on the chest. The bras come in extended sizes: 30-38 band size and A-G cup, alongside XS-XL bottoms. 



The Cristal Wireless Pocketed Triangle Bra | How to Style Lingerie




The Full Coverage Bra, from Summer to Fall 


The Full Coverage Bra is a staple for our Big Boobie Babes! Full coverage bras come in a variety of different forms – some are “2-part cups”, which means each cup is made up of two pieces of fabric sewn together. These types of bras tend to create a sharper looking breast shape underneath clothing. Think pinup babes from the 50s!  


Other full coverage bras may include “3-part cups”, which means each cup is made up of three pieces of fabrics sewn together. 3-part full coverage bras tend to create a more rounded breast shape underneath clothing, and are often the preferred choice for most people. Full coverage bras tend to come with wider straps to accommodate for the heavier weight of full bust lines. They also tend to have larger gores, which offers more support and lift.  


We realized how hard it is to find a sexy unlined full coverage bra, so we made one for Amour Caché. For a lightly lined, full coverage bra, check out Amour Caché’s Gin Pocketed Full Coverage Bra and matching thong bottoms. The Gin Pocketed Full Coverage Bra has a discrete pocket on the inside of the bra cups, making it the perfect post-mastectomy bra. You’ll find slightly more coverage on the back and sides of this bra, making it the perfect full-coverage, back smoothing bra.  


Like The Cristal Wireless Pocketed Bra, this bra is also made of a cooling mesh that makes it particularly comfortable for those who have sensitive scar tissue on the chest. The bras come in extended sizes: 32-40 band size and A-DDD cup, alongside XS-2XL bottoms.  


The Gin Full-Coverage Pocketed Bra | How to Style Lingerie


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