Amour Caché was built on the foundations of diverse and inclusive communities and widespread empowerment.


We believe in the relationship between powerful communities and empowered individuals. It takes a community to create empowered individuals, and empowered individuals lead to powerful collectives. As a brand, we recognize our responsibility to uplift and foster this bilateral relationship.


Our company started as a way to provide comfortable, flattering, and well-made lingerie for cis-women and breast cancer survivors. But as time went on, we realized that the traditional intimate apparel industry lacked fulfilling products and representation for many other bodies; bodies who could benefit from the products we have to offer.


We strive to create an intimate apparel brand, not only for cis-women but, for an entire community of people who love lingerie as much as we do. From lingerie enthusiasts and breast cancer survivors, to genderqueer folks and young femme people, to BIPOC and under-represented bodies in the greater intimate apparel industry. Amour Caché is here to provide beautifully crafted lingerie to empower all walks of life.


To further amplify the voices of our Amour Caché family, we created L’AMOURZINE - a magazine that shares stories and creates necessary dialogue along the way.


If you’d like to be featured in an issue of L’AMOURZINE, let us know at