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Bras are, arguable, the most complex garments sitting in your wardrobe. On average, each Amour Caché bra is made up of over 18 individual components - imagine all the supply chains, logistics, and human hands that it takes to actually make a finished bra! That means we all (yes, you and us!) have a huge responsibility in preserving environmentally sustainable practices. 


We strive to be a sustainable company, but given that we are a self-funded company that has just started, we're not immediately able to commit to big advancements. However, we are starting one initiative at a time.


Clean Chemicals 


There are enough unknowns in this world, we don’t need the fabrics closest to our bodies to be a mystery too! 


Our lace, mesh, and elastic dye houses are all certified clean by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. This means that our textile partners have been tested by an independent third-party for harmful substances, and are certified to produce dyed textiles that are safe for you and our world. While the aforementioned materials make up a large portion of our materials used, we are still striving to become 100% OEKO-TEX certified.


Green Packaging 


Amour Caché's boxes, envelopes, and hangtags are green in more ways than one! They’re all made from recyclable paper and printed using eco-friendly processes. The tissue paper used to wrap your new lingerie pieces is also 100% recyclable and free of dyes.


Please remove all stickers and tape from packaging material, and break down your boxes before placing into recycling bins.


We will keep this page up to date as Amour Caché grows our sustainability initiatives. Updated on February 22nd, 2021.



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