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Gift guide 2020 

Holiday gift guide 2020

As a small, new, women-of-color owned brand on the rise, we want nothing more than to celebrate our sister businesses this holiday season. Tis’ the season of giving, so we wanted to give our fellow WOC entrepreneurs a shout-out through our very own 2020 Holiday Gift Guide that our entire L’AMOURZINE community can enjoy. Happy shopping! 


FOOD (For Your Favorite Foodie...)

  • Gourmet Holiday Goods
    • $23.95 
    • Arlana’s Gourmet Cookies
    • Owner/Founder: Arlana Brooks
    • Arlana Brooks’ Chocolate Reindeer Gourmet Cookie Collections are the perfect way to start the holidays. While the beautiful packaging and additional ornament make this cookie collection a great gift, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to indulge on Arlana’s delicious gourmet cookies yourself. 

  • Tea-Time For Two
    • $79
    • The Qui
    • Owner/Founder: Lisa Li
    • Remember at the start of quarantine when everyone was trying new things? Like cloud coffee and baking bread? Well what better way to end the year than with a holiday gift that gives one more new experience? The Qui’s “tisanes”, or herbal infusion teas, create an entire experience around tea drinking, not to mention a therapeutic experience to be shared with a loved one. Founder Lisa Li surely got it right when she called this wonderful product the Special Connection Set.

  • Gourmet Holiday Goods (Of the Vegan Variety)
    • $50
    • Maya’s Cookies (Vegan)
    • Owner/Founder: Maya Madsen
    • Whether it’s hosting cookies exchanges or leaving fresh baked cookies for Santa Clause on Christmas Eve, cookies are a quintessential part of the holiday season. Luckily for us, Maya Madsen has expanded our options for holiday guilty pleasures! The Deluxe Holiday Cookie Tin make it a very happy holiday indeed for vegan friends and family...or anyone else for that matter! 

  • Do-It Yourself Matcha
    • $45
    • Golde
    • Owner/ Founder: Trinity Mouzon Wofford
    • Who doesn’t love a good DIY? Golde’s Make Your Matcha Kit is the perfect all in one gift. Not only do you get a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, delicious drink, but you also get a fun at-home experience! Who needs Starbucks when Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s provided us with our very own Matcha Kits (and plenty of other beverage kits)?


  • A Sweet Taste of the South
    • $40 large, $18 small 
    • Crystal's Famous Cobblers
    • Owner/Founder: Crystal Swearingen
    • A newer endeavor among Crystal Swearingen’s serial entrepreneurship, Crystal’s Famous Cobblers brings a southern-style taste of home right to your front door. Whether you choose a favorite flavor or opt to try them all with the Surprise Cobbler of the Month subscription, you’ll be able to taste the love in this holiday gift. 
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