Collection: Balconette & Demi

One of our favorite collections is our balconette and demi bra collection. We often get asked the difference between balcony, balconette, and demi bra styles. While a balcony bra and balconette bra are essentially the same thing, the most notable distinction between a balconette bra and a demi bra is that the balconette has a straighter neckline, while the demi cup has a cresent-like curve

Our collection offers a wide variety of balconette and demi bra styles including unlined balconette bras, plus size balconette bras, as well as mesh and longline balconette bras. The baconette and demi bra styles work best for breasts that are fuller at the bottom than at the top. However, many of our balconette bras come with side support on the inside of the cups, creating a seamless pushup effect. Shop our entire collection here.