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Fluidity, Femininity, Form

There is nothing more illustrious than the feminine form, except perhaps the feminine form embracing the fluidity of dance and happiness. In January 2024, Amour Caché's pieces were featured in Underlines Magazine featuring creative director and lingerie industry expert, Asi Efros, alongside former professional dancer and Broadway performer, Micki Weiner, in a dance of passion and life. Captured in stills by Michael Goldman in New York City.

Modeled by: Asi Efros @asiefros & Micki Weiner @mickinyc | Photographed by: Michael Goldman | Hair by: Katie Marie Rote @katiemarierote | Makeup by: Chris Lanston@lanstonmakeup

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The Elegance of Confidence

In this shoot, we explored the captivating interplay between self-assurance and grace. With a touch of sophistication and compelling presence, Yana's charisma shines through the lens. The elegance in her confidence is electrical, powerful, and captivating - like a lioness in her element.

Modeled by: Yana | Photography by: Ira @ira_shepetko | Hair & Makeup by: Maddie @maddieraemua

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Amour Caché x Utile Runway 23/24

In March 2023, Amour Caché collaborated with luxury leather brand, Utile by Terence Chen, on a collection of lingerie styled with leather harnesses. The air was perfumed with ANBO Scent #1, elegant brutalism, art, wine, fresh flowers, and a pinch of seafood from the canapés served.

Modeled by: Farah, Arriana, Jina & Linda | Photographed by: Irfan Sukor @irfanyoyo | Leatherworks by: Utile @utile.works

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You Look So Familiar...

There's a feeling of confidence exuded between the presence of best friends. Perhaps because of the familiarity or comfort they bring to one another. Pictured above is Agnes, co-founder of Amour Caché shot by fellow Amour Caché co-founder and best friend, Deean, in the living room of their Lower East Side apartment in the sweltering summer of 2022.

Modeled by: Agnes @nahzsenga | Photography by: Deean @vo_lare