Collection: Thong

Here at Amour Caché lingerie, we offer a range of different lingerie bottoms ranging from thong underwear to sheer panties, sexy thong, hipster panties, g-string thongs, and high-rise panties. This collection houses our entire thong underwear collection. Amour Caché's thong underwear are made of moisture wicking, light-weight materials like mesh and Leavers lace, making it the perfect addition to your everyday closet. Our moisture wicking sheer panties and sexy thongs are slightly see through, creating a sexy semi-opaque illusion of coverage while still being sheer and breathable. Our absolutely favorite pieces are our g-string thongs. Amour Caché also carries a range of sizes including plus size thongs. Unsure about your size? Check out our Amour Caché underwire size guide here