Letter from Editor

Now that we are substantially into the new year, it feels fitting to finally say hello and express our excitement for 2021. The support we received and inspiration we felt during our November 2020 launch was unlike anything we could’ve anticipated. Naturally, as per the theme of last year, there were some bumps in the road and obstacles faced, but 2020 gave us a lot to be grateful for - all things considered.

This year, our raisons d’etre are empowerment, hope, and love. Our goal is to inspire and impassion with our lingerie, and continue cultivating a community for you all – a resilient, soulful collective. 

Love lies in the fabric of everything we do. We love the collaborations we’re continuing to expand. We love that our passions are manifesting in the partnerships we build, our most recent being with the Know Your Lemons Foundation. Founded by Dr. Corinne Ellsworth-Beaumont, this campaign uses striking visuals to empower women with breast cancer education, a mission we identify with wholeheartedly.  We love the intimate apparel we’ve created the new styles of lingerie we’re developing and can’t wait to bring them to you in the next few months! We love the powerful stories we’ve told and the installation of powerful stories to come, whether it’s with artists, doulas, or minority women in STEM. 

Last but not least, we love our growing team and are proud to introduce, Gabi Forman the new voice who’ll be helping us continue to tell these stories. As our team, our brand, and the conversations we hold space for continue to expand, know that love is at the center of it all. We love and appreciate you; we urge you to love and appreciate yourself in all that you do. 

This month and beyond, we challenge you to find love anywhere and everywhere you can. No matter what your relationship status is on the 14th

Avec Amour,


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