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Hello to all of our lovely readers, and welcome to the first article of Amour Caché’s magazine, L’AMOURZINE. We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are well during this time.  

Given the turmoil of 2020, we realize it may seem like an unconventional time to bring a new business to life. The start of 2020 has brought about US unemployment rates reminiscent of the Depression Era. COVID-19 has affected millions of families across the world. Adding fuel to the fire, rampant murders of Black people have amplified the fight for racial justice in over 50 countries, where thousands of people marched for the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement amidst a pandemic. And this doesn’t even begin to cover the humanitarian turmoil surrounding healthcare and food insecurity in war torn countries.  

Frankly, our energy is being pulled left and right. And we understand yours is, too. But like many of our brothers, sisters, and siblings, we are thinking about the ways our own interests and skillsets can help in creating a better world. As such, we wanted to bring to life a business that is cognizant of its social impact – our small contribution to the bigger picture.  

You may be asking yourself; what role does a new lingerie brand have to play?

We’re More Than a New Lingerie Brand

It becomes clearer and clearer that the world's current series of unfortunate events all intersect. No matter how disparate the corporate, public health, and social-justice sectors may seem on the surface, it’s increasingly apparent that they all coincide. 

When the pandemic began to take its toll on society at large, individuals and corporations alike asked themselves what they could do in response to the disease. Many luxury brands played their part by pivoting production to meet the public’s needs for face masks and hand sanitizer. But, as time went on, responding to these challenges unveiled an even more arduous reality: the black and brown populations whom COVID-19 disproportionately affected.  

Now, the BLM movement has emphasized, along with the breadth of systemic racism, that wearing a mask (among many other actionsgoes beyond self-preservation. It is an act of solidarity towards Black men, women, and genderqueer folk. And in efforts to enhance that solidarity, corporations across every industry are holding themselves accountable, making space for marginalized voices and experiences. 

In an age where money and labels talk, “making space” has become a global priority where humanity, health, and community speak volumes. So, we ask ourselves how can we speak volumes? In what ways can we make space?  

The various hardships unfolding have brought about a compound compassion unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. Now is the time to think about active space-making and solidarity. At Amour Caché, we will be doing so in the form of inclusive, high-quality intimate apparel. Our magazine, L'AMOURZINE, is an accompaniment to our brand’s journey that seeks to share important stories, creating necessary dialogue along the way. 


A Woman’s Journey is Complex and Ever Changing 

Amour Caché was founded out of the desire to provide intimate apparel for women throughout all their walks of life – namely breast cancer survivors who have undergone lumpectomies or mastectomies. These women are the epitome of strength and fortitude, and yet they often are denied one of the simplest pleasures in life; finding pocketed bras that are beautiful and intimately healing.  

During the 12 months we spent developing our bras and interviewing people, we realized the needs of post-mastectomy bodies – pocketed bras that can accommodate light weight inserts to heavier prostheses - may coincide with the needs of many other bodies. From women in search of comfortable and luxurious bras, to transgender women undergoing physical changes, to genderqueer people whose femme expression completes them. So many bodies go underrepresented, not catered to, and ultimately neglected by the traditional lingerie industry. A woman’s walks of life are ever-changing; fluid. Such is the community of people who experience the need for comfort, support, and confidence through the things they wear.  

Everyone deserves to feel supported. That feeling often starts with what you wear beneath your clothing, but the support shouldn’t stop there. Amour Caché is a new lingerie brand that will do more than just provide well fitted pocketed brasWe will speak to your needs throughout all your walks of life 

While we are starting out with a focus on pocketed braswe aim to expand our product offerings even further in our coming collections. We want our products (and this magazine) to hold space for not only women, but an entire community of people who wear lingerie. From lingerie enthusiasts and breast cancer survivors, to genderqueer folks and young femme people, and everyone else in between. We are bound to make mistakes on this journey, but more than anything else we are here to listen to, learn from, and support you. 


Our Mission 

Just as COVID-19, the movement for racial justice, and so many other adversities are dynamic and intersectional, so are the journeys of the human body. We vow to uplift these journeys, especially the most marginalized versions of them, using our pocketed bras and other future collections 

Amour Caché is more than a new lingerie brand. We aim to amplify the underrepresented bodies. Creating a high-quality product that supports and empowers all walks of life mirrors the solidarity that we believe must exist in all intersections of society.  

We want our new lingerie brand to celebrate all experiences, and expressions, and to find ways for you to feel comfortable, empowered, supported, and seen! And with that being said, we officially welcome you to the Amour Caché family.


Avec Amour, 

Amour Caché

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